• Confirm the date and time of your drive with your WHHCBC representative
  • Check your organization’s calendar to avoid conflicts
  • Reserve the bloodmobile
  • Confirm parking for bloodmobile


Four Weeks Before Blood Drive

  • Contact your WHHCBC representative to schedule educational presentations


Three Weeks Before Blood Drive

  • Display promotional materials
  • Begin actively recruiting donors
  • Remind donors to sign up and schedule appointments
  • Remind donors to eat iron rich foods.


One Week Before Blood Drive

  • Send email reminders to donors
  • Contact your WHHCBC representative to discuss any last-minute details
  • Fax or email the signup sheet to your WHHCBC representative


Day Before Blood Drive

  • Make sure the site is cleared and ready, parking is reserved, tables and chairs are set up
  • Remind donors about the drive via email, phone calls, or loudspeaker announcements.
  • Remind donors to get a good meal and drink plenty of water before donating
  • Remind new donors to bring photo ID


Day of Blood Drive

  • WHHCBC staff will arrive approximately 15 – 30 minutes before the drive begins
  • Take photos of donors at the drive
  • Communicate the progress towards the goal with your organization during the drive
  • Continue to actively recruit donors
  • Have fun and Save Lives!

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