Whole Blood

Whole blood donation is the most common type of donation. This is the traditional way of donating and allows us to draw a pint of blood containing red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma at one time. This enables you to save up to three lives with one donation.

Whole blood donors may donate at our center or mobile drives. If you are not sure of your blood type, this is the best type of donation. We will type your blood after your first donation.

Whole blood donors are able to donate every 56 days for a total of 6 donations a year. Schedule your appointment online here or call us at (863) 297-1840.

Platelet Donation

Platelets hold a unique power to save lives.

Platelet donation is a type of apheresis donation which allows you to give only specific parts of your blood, with the rest being returned to you.  Platelets are a component in your blood that are essential to stop bleeding and create natural clotting.  During treatment of cancer, cardiac surgery and other diseases, these vital blood components can be depleted, requiring platelet transfusions to sustain the patients throughout their treatment/recovery.  Platelets have a shorter shelf-life than whole blood (5 days), and are therefore needed more frequently.  You can make a big difference by becoming a regular platelet donor!

Platelet donors are able to donate every 7 days and can give up to 24 times a year.

You can donate platelets at the Winter Haven Hospital Community Blood Center. Appointments are recommended. Please call us at (863) 297-1840 to schedule your appointment.