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January & February Promotion

With just a drop of blood, you can make a difference... The need for blood is always there... Donate a pint of blood today and

November & December Promotion

Perk up the blood supply!!! Start the day saving a latte lives... Every drop counts when you donate blood... Each donor will receive a limited


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Americans Urged to Donate Blood to Maintain Continued Adequacy of Blood Supply as Coronavirus Outbreak Continues (Washington, DC – March 12, 2020) – “We need people to start turning out in force to give blood.” That is the urgent call-to-action

Blood Donations Still Needed as Dorian Moves Towards the Carolinas

As Hurricane Dorian leaves Florida, the Winter Haven Hospital Community Blood Center is urgently requesting blood donors. The uncertain path of the storm forced many

Boosting Bloods Counts

It’s a common challenge, and it’s not fun when it happens to you. The person performing your donor screening says those the dreaded words, “I’m

Iron and Blood Donors

Why is iron important? It is important to keep a healthy iron level so your body can build new red blood cells daily and also


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Blood Donor Basics

When you donate whole blood with the Winter Haven Hospital Community Blood Center, your blood stays here, helping local patients. The whole process takes an hour or less – and in the end, you walk away saving up to three lives.

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